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Kids and Pirates of all ages, don't miss the Fun!

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Hi All-

less than a week to go! The Sturgeon Bay contingent met on Saturday and confirmed plans as follows:


5:00 Meet at Brett & Virge's house.
Dinner will be served around 6:00. (40 people)

   Sunday Menu:
      Pulled Pork Sandwiches
      Baked Beans
      Potato Salad
      Cole Slaw
      Pies, brownies & ice cream
      Ice Tea/Sweet Tea/Lemonade*

Could Virginia, Caroline and Donald (Myra!) please take care of 15# baked beans, 15# potato salad and 50# slaw among the three of you? (Slaw will also be served Monday night dinner). Virge, Holly and Gail will bake pies and brownies. Jake will prepare the pulled pork.


8:00 Strawberry-picking at Malvitz Berries on County C (just west of the Stevenson Pier Citgo Station).
9:00-10:30: breakfast prep @ Troy & Gails, for anyone wishing to help.
11:00 Brunch @ Troy & Gails (80 people)

      Breakfast Casserole
      French Toast Bake
      Bacon Focaccia
      Ham Slices
      Breakfast Sausage Links
      Sweet potato hash
      Strawberries/Yogurt & Granola
      Cold-pressed coffee (hot or iced), tea, milk, fruit juices*

After Brunch, there will be a treasure hunt/ice breaker to include all 3rd-gen family members under 20 years of age in teams, solving clues provided by 1st tier family. Second-tier and older 3rd tier family can boat --there will be two boats giving rides around the Bay plus paddle boats -- play bocce ball (Dennis can provide direction on rules), and general frivolity.

Most of the afternoon will then be unstructured, with swimming, boating, tubing, walks, fishing and visiting. Janice, Teresa, Heather, Kurt, and Virginia have prepared a video of the family heritage, as well as the "Hawaii" family reunion from a few years ago, and they can be viewed anytime. Bring swimming suits, towels, and water toys you want. Skiers may bring their own skis or wake boards. There's good fishing off the shore, so bring your own poles and licenses if you're so inclined.

Snacks will be provided throughout the afternoon. Janice & Dennis, could you please take care of bringing vegetable and fruit trays, as well as sub sandwiches?. Pick & Save in Sturgeon Bay makes great – huge and tasty – subs called "The Boss". Very large, and only $5. If you'd like us to reserve a few we'll make the calls, but would appreciate you picking them up. Could "second tier" cousins please bring chips, pretzels, dips, cheese & crackers and other yummy snacky things for the afternoon?

6:00: dress for dinner (in Pirate regalia)
Pirate parade, family photos & voting (photos by Jake & Nichole)

   Dinner Menu:
      Fish boil: crab legs and scallops, potatoes, carrots
      Cole slaw
      Rye bread & cracked pepper/potato bread
      Make-your-own ice cream sundae bar
      Ice tea/lemonade*

After dinner:
Pirate costume voting results
Piñata-busting/chocolate eating
across the bay (actually, beyond the trees)

*Except for those mentioned, all other drinks are to be provided by the individual families: Bring Your Own Booze, Soda, or whatever else you want, in your own coolers.

Be sure to bring swimsuits!!!!

Brett & Virge's phone # 920-824-5746 Home; 920-559-0652 cell
Troy & Gail's phone # 920-374-0211 cell
Four Maps to locations are attached.

"Matie, give me all your golden coins & valuable treasures!"

Click here for website of
AmericInn of Sturgeon Bay

AmericInn Sturgeon Bay
622 South Ashland Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Toll-Free: 1-800-634-3444

Activities are planned for Sunday, July 3, 6pm, to Wed, July 6, noon.

Main reunion events will be Mon, July 4.


Call Janice at
(301) 602 6750